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Post Operative Instructions

Once the root canal has been completed the roots have been permanently sealed with a filling material. Please do not eat on the treated side of your mouth for one hour. The doctor will inform you of a temporary or permanent filling material has been placed in the top of the tooth. If you experience discomfort when you bite down your “bite is high” and you will need to return to the office to have the bite adjusted. If this is not done, healing will be greatly delayed.
A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication (Ibuprofen or Naproxen) will be dispensed to you. Please take one tablet before the anesthetic wears off. Take an additional tablet every six hours until the medication is gone. Once the anesthetic wears off, your tooth and surrounding gum tissue may be tender for several days. This tenderness is normal and is not cause for concern. In some cases it may take several weeks for nature to repair the irritation that was present in your tooth.  If you experience discomfort that cannot be controlled by the medication dispensed to you, or should swelling develop please contact the office immediately. If you call after hours, please have the telephone number of your pharmacy available.

Avoid chewing on the affected side of your mouth until your general dentist covers your tooth with a permanent restoration or crown. Please follow your regular dental hygiene routine. A detailed report will be sent to your general dentist immediately following completion of the endodontic treatment. It is important for you to contact your general dentist as soon as possible so that he / she can begin placing the permanent restoration that needs to be placed on your tooth. The temporary filling that we place will last for a couple of weeks, not a couple of months.



Gauze:  Please remove the gauze that is in your mouth in one hour and dispose of it in the trash.

Discomfort: You might experience some mild to moderate discomfort. A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory prescription medication will be dispensed to you. Please take one tablet before the anesthetic wears off. Take an additional tablet every six hours until the medication is gone.  A second prescription for a narcotic pain medication might also be given. If the Ibuprofen is not sufficient enough to relieve your discomfort, have the second prescription filled and take that in addition to the Ibuprofen. Take only as instructed.  Do not mix with alcohol, other medications, and use caution operating heavy equipment, or any motor vehicle.

Swelling: Most discomfort after a surgical procedure is due to swelling of the affected tissues.  A good way to minimize swelling and the discomfort it causes is by using an ice pack.  Place the ice pack on the area for 20 minutes, then remove it for 10 minutes.  Repeat this cycle for a period of 3-4 hours.

Bleeding: Slight bleeding or oozing is normal for the first 24 hours.  If bleeding persists or is excessive, please call.
Food: For your comfort, try to eat on the side opposite the surgery.  Eat a soft diet (Jell-O, ice cream, pudding, yogurt, toast, or whatever feels comfortable) and drink plenty of fluids. If eating is difficult, a diet supplement (Nutrament, Slender) is recommended.

Brushing: Continue regular brushing; a clean mouth will heal faster. A sponge foam brush will be given to you to keep the surgical site clean. Use a soft bristle tooth brush to clean in all other areas in your mouth. After 24 hours, you may also use warm salt-water rinses to help keep your mouth clean.

Activity: Stay relatively quiet for 24-48 hours.  Avoid strenuous activity.  This includes running, aerobics, weightlifting, etc. 

Don'ts: Do not disturb the area.  Do not lift up your lip to get a better look.  Do not spit, smoke, or drink through a straw.  Do not use any commercial mouth rinses (Scope, Listerine, etc.), peroxide, or any "Waterpik" type devices.

Do: Please report any unusual symptoms such as excessive bleeding, swelling or elevated temperature immediately.  You will also need to return for suture removal approximately 2-3 days following the procedure.

Problems: If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to call as soon as possible.

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