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Treatment Philosophy

At Escondido Endodontics we have always practiced with a patient-centered philosophy. Your needs are always put first. Dr. Hanlon will thoroughly explain his findings and make recommendations that are in your best interest. We are dedicated to delivering endodontic treatment at the highest level. After thoroughly evaluating your particular situation, if we feel that you would be better served with either no endodontic therapy or an alternative treatment, we will clearly and professionally inform you of your options.  Each endodontic case is unique, and every patient we treat deserves excellent care. Our promise to you is that we will work in conjunction with your dentist to determine a treatment approach that is right for you.

 Treatment is performed using a high-magnification dental operating microscope.
 We use an advanced digital dental imaging system which minimizes radiation and improves diagnostic capabilities.
 Our sterilization equipment is monitored by an outside agency for 100% effectiveness.
 Our dental equipment uses a self-contained water supply that delivers deionized filtered water during all procedures.
 Your situation and treatment requirements will be thoroughly explained with digital radiographs, intraoral photographs, diagrams, and any other aids necessary so that you will fully understand your needs prior to beginning treatment. All materials are displayed on large high-definition monitors to enhance your understanding of your dental condition.
 Your general dentist has the ability to access information instantly, including radiographs and photographs, through our secure web-based system.
 As our patient, you have the option to complete registration materials from your home using our secure website.

Dr. Hanlon uses the microscope throughout every dental procedure. The microscope provides optimum visibility and illumination to ensure the best treatment outcome possible. Microscopes are essential in providing endodontic treatment at the highest level and they have numerous clinical benefits:

 The microscope allows for the use of smaller instruments and more precision during treatment. Conservation of tooth structure is the key to the best, longest-lasting outcomes.
 The increased magnification provided by the microscope allows us to minimize the size of the operative site, thereby minimizing healing time.
 The microscope allows us to identify very small root canal spaces and locate problems such as cracks and root fractures.
 The use of the microscope increases efficiency and often prevents additional and more complex procedures.

Compassionate Care
The staff at Escondido Endodontics is dedicated to providing patients with the best dental experience possible. Working together, we care for each patient from the first phone call all the way through follow-up treatment and communication with your general dentist. Team members are up to date on administrative and clinical care, participating in continuing education lectures throughout the year. We believe that this highly educated and experienced team approach is the key to creating the proper patient experience.

In addition to his role as a healthcare provider, Dr. Hanlon envisions his role as that of an educator. It is important that patients understand why they require treatment, what the proposed treatment involves, and what they can do to ensure the best possible outcome. We believe that a properly informed patient has the best chance of achieving the optimal result.

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